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We offer a 6 month Limited Warranty. Our 6 month End-User Limited Warranty covers only manufacturing defects, which exclude malfunc-tion or deterioration resulting from accidents, misuse, or negligence. Our Limited Warranty covers all of our products, except for those strung on elastic. In addition, this Limited Warranty does not include the discoloration of metals, including the wearing-off of gold plating, as this is commonly caused by a chemical reaction uniquely individual to the wearer.

Warranties are valid for 6 months only due to the energetic quality of the jewelry. As we are dealing with empowered sacred objects, a unique & personal bond is created between the wearer and the ener-gized piece . Once rudraksha And their “owner”, there is a soulful link created personal to the wearer. Sometimes the energetic exchange can be so strong that soul jewelry can break prematurely for energy reasons.

This can either mean a transformation of the intention with which the piece is worn, a release of old karmas or a break-through or leap of deep personal value. As such, it indicates that the piece has completed the energetic job it was created to do, which is a very positive result. In such instances, each case is dealt with individually.


We guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased through SHIVALOKA online.

All SHIVALOKA products are crafted with authentic, highest quality Rudraksham, semi-precious and precious stones and metals.

All SHIVALOKA products are handmade at our SHIVALOKA production house in Bali, Indonesia.