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On International Women’s Day, I can’t think of a better and more appropriate subject to talk about than about the ‘Queen of the Chakras’. It’s one of the chakras that is the truest symbol of the Women’s movement, as over the last two thousand years, the knowledge of its existence was so obscured and its information destroyed that most people today have never even heard about it. Most yogis have been fed incomplete knowledge about the chakras, often unaware of the most important and powerful sacred energy center anyone has in their body. Ladies, sisters, mamas…may I introduce you to your Womb Chakra.


Everyone knows the womb is connected to the miracle of life, that we, women, have the power of creation hidden in us, the direct capacity and channel to manifest entirely new living beings. As marvelous as that is, there are other powerful, amazing things you can create with your Womb Chakra energy. All you have to do is access the other vibrations and channels that come with it.


It may be difficult to understand but the Womb Chakra is actually where your karmas are “stored”. Using the right meditation formulas, you can access the Womb chakra energetically, and heal your past karmas, transform and fix hurt and broken relationships, create soul mate relationships, and so much more. But most of all, it IS the center of YOUR POWER. The Holy Womb Chakra is the great secret treasure.


This is why women are naturally much more powerful than men: we are divinely gifted with a fully manifested womb, that gives us direct access to divine power. For example: if a woman meditates for one hour, it takes a man all day to gain the same amount of Shakti, of spiritual energy.

1 hour of meditation = a woman gains X amount of divine power


1 day of meditation = a man gains that same X amount of divine power


The point is, as women, we get it like

[snap!] this! Naturally. And, this is relevant to everything in our lives, our intuition, our children, our creativity, our capacity… not just meditation. Girls mature faster than boys. And, let’s face it: what does the world need more of — now more than ever — if not greater maturity and the power and guidance of ‘the Divine Feminine’?


Dear sisters, if we really want to rise up, don’t go for equality! We should strive to know, live and share our true essence, our Divine Feminine truth. That essence is so powerful! Equality doesn’t do it justice. And, it doesn’t serve to be less than who we truly are.


We need to play our roles perfectly. That will create balance. Men and women are different, in a very spiritual sense, not just in some aspects of our biology.


What does it really mean when the Bible says, “Man is made in the image of God”? One practical meaning is this, ‘Through WOMAN, we’re all made,’ and, therefore, because WOMAN has direct access to God’s Power and Creative Intelligence through the womb chakra, each of us is born as an image of God.


Our physical wombs are an extension to the Womb of God, which reveals that the God that created and maintains this beautiful universe, is a feminine power. She’s the Divine Mother, who manifests as the Nature, and is known as the Mahamaya, the “Universal Illusion”, and all of us are her children. She created all our souls in her WOMB. All ancient traditions that were deeply connected to Nature realized this to be true.


Of course, creation-inception usually includes a seed, too, so God definitely has a male component, as well. But his job is different. He is the supreme consciousness, and She is the conscious power of creation, made manifest. He is the silence, She is the ocean, the divine vessel, which manifests that silence into all things. So, yes, there needs to be both. This current, new awakening of Shakti, of true Divine Power and the Divine Feminine, is why there is this upsurge now regarding the power, presence and value of Woman. WO-man…the WOmb-of-Man, the true Source-Power of Hu-MAN-ity. And, what lies right there, at the resonating heart of it all, of W-O-M-B?


“OM”, the first sacred symbol of Mother Divine herself, her first form, vibration, expression and power, from which all of this creation comes!


The truth is: the inequality and the big drama we are experiencing in all aspects of life today is the evolution of mankind moving towards its own true, authentic power again by realizing its divine nature. But the path to spiritual wisdom and maturity is often one that leads through valleys of darkness.


Since ancient times, men have perpetrated violence against women, not just physically but also emotionally, socially, culturally and scripturally: ancient sacred wisdom and rituals were eradicated and the worship of the womb and the Divine Feminine forbidden; powerful spiritual women were burnt at the stake, allegedly for being advocates of the devil; so were hundreds and thousands of other women, who just didn’t cow-tow to the whims of male authority.


We, women, were systematically stripped of the knowledge and understanding of our power, of the true nature of our being, knowledge that the great masters had revealed to us long ago. Our age-old wisdom and innate power were strategically obscured or destroyed and categorically denied in order to wipe out all of the evidence and, along the way, its remaining advocates were punished, ostracized or killed.


Yet, some remained, some continued to practice and to profess, if in private, and the knowledge wasn’t completely lost. The thing is: it wasn’t just spiritually mature women who held to the truth; some amazing, spiritually mature men did, too. Just a little hint here: they were also connected to powerful, spiritually mature women.


For example, there are many stories of how great Jesus was, the amazing miracles he did.  We also know Mother Mary manifested him through the sacred miracle of the conception-birth. But, how much do you really know about Mother Mary, about who she was and what she was really capable of? Think about it… what kind of soul must have Mother Mary been to birth, um, “The Christ”?!? How powerful must her womb have been to conceive an enlightened soul —without a man— like that [snap!] and how intimately connected must she have been with the Divine to receive such a boon… those are the questions that will reveal great unknown truths. And those are relevant truths to all of us, because we all fall under the same category: we are souls with physical, female bodies that have a spiritual system built in to create miracles, just like Mary.  The only difference between you and Mother Mary: she knew how to use the system. And now that we’ve made it through some pretty terrible dark times and have arrived in the year 2018, you can know how to operate this system too!


Today, the Divine Feminine is rising again, taking her rightful seat on the throne.


So rise up sisters! Let the truth be known of your divine greatness! And, stop asking for equality. You are far more powerful! Ask for the true knowledge of your sacred being. Step into your true authentic power, and activate your womb chakra. Like the Dalai Lama so famously noted, ‘the Western Woman will save the world in the 21st century’, and now you know, how and why.


yours womb-fully,



And now we want to hear from you. What is your relationship with the Divine Feminine? How do you nurture this relationship? Please leave your comments and questions below!


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