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Zura Om (silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : Warrior of the Good

Power & Benefits :

Success & Overcome Obstacles

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Maya is the ancient word for “the Illusion”. The hidden secret in “Maya” is revealed by reversing the Sanskrit letters: thus, “Maya” becomes “Yama”, which means “death”. What holds us in the grip of Maya is fear. Zura is the shakti, the divine power, that overcomes all fear. It is the power that quietly impels us towards bravery and heroism. At the heart of heroism is the presence of true authority, one that has the willingness and strength of will to respond well — with integrity, determination, and peace-of-mind — to any situation that confronts it. This power is not just invaluable on the battlefield. Its value applies to every area of life. Zura is an extraordinary combination of clear crystal beads strung on 22k gold vermeil wire with garnet, pearl, rudraksham, red coral, carnelian, and citrine, and a powerful 8 mukhi Power Rudraksha pendant, with a finely-crafted silver OM pendant.


clear crystal, sacred 8mm rudraksham, citrine, red coral, carnelian, garnet, 8 mukhi power rudraksha, 925 silver, carved Om 925 silver pendant


About the 8 Mukhi Power Rudraksha 

Confers the power to overcome all obstacles, to positively channel one’s passions, to handle the discord of others, and mitigate one’s own resistance to success. Creates a smooth, uninterrupted flow of progress in one’s life. Highly recommended for who feel unlucky, anxious, or set upon by unknown forces.


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