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Zodiac Mala – Pisces

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity

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Only 3 left in stock

According to India’s ancient Vedic sciences, divine guides — powerful rishis, knowers of reality — play intimate roles in our lives, offering us knowledge of our Self as well as insights into the experiences and lessons we’ll encounter along our path. These Great Souls, too, manifest in physical form on our behalf, some as the ever-present planets and stars, which shed their grace through their magnetic power & radiant light. Each works with us all, individually and collectively, to move us towards greater wisdom.

Here, we describe the divine power inherent in the signs of the Zodiac, their celestial homes, through which these Great Souls influence, inspire, challenge, protect, and uplift us so we may know, live, and share our true divine nature.

Using ancient practices passed down through the Divine Lineage of spiritual masters, each of our Zodiac malas & bracelets are authentically activated with the power signified by the medallion symbol. Each of these sacred Shaktis, these divine powers, becomes magnetized to your soul & radiates through you to the world around you as you wear it, its power held in tact & protected by the sacred energy of the mala or bracelet, each consisting of sacred Rudraksha, Lava stones, highlighted by golden brass.


Pisces – Meena

Benefit: Increases peace, offers broader insight and a more universal perspective, providing the ability to see past the conflicts of opposites and reconcile the Oneness of all, these are the watery traits of Meena, the Paired Fish in the night sky, ruled by Guru, the planet Jupiter, which confers the power of wisdom, compassion, and leadership with a soulful spirit.



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