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Visruti (Tiger Eye)

Sanskrit Meaning : Renowned

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity

Visruti is the divine energy, which supports and upholds great influence and resounding results. It’s effects possess beautiful, universal qualities, including heightened celebrity and broader, deeper acceptance and understanding. Yet, for these effects to be long-lasting and continue to grow more positive, Visruti must naturally be directed and empowered through a specific channel, such as the ones we list here under “Intentions”.

This fully-activated Visruti bracelet of fine, matched 8mm rudraksham and tiger eye, framed by our custom-made, cylindrical Shivaloka-signature golden brass spacers, is activated to protect your endeavors by diminishing the obstacles and challenges in your path, making creative solutions more evident and attracting greater support of nature or “good luck” so that success may come more easily and be more supportively embraced.


Authentic rudraksha 8 mm, tiger eye, gold brass



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