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Visruti Rudraksha I

Sanskrit Meaning : fame

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance

With greater clarity of mind, coupled with broad perspective and balance, the enticing, charismatic and passionate energies that are connected to fame or notoriety, of any degree, won’t be overwhelming or fleeting. Greater peace of mind also breeds greater confidence and competence and, together, these divine channels only increase the possibilities of greater, long-lasting success.

Fashionably elegant and part of our wonderfully popular ‘Visruti’ Collection, our ‘Visruti I’ bracelets, a combination of rare and very powerful, matching 5mm Rudraksha beads with ornate .925 silver pipe components, strung on elastic thread for greater easy and durability, are fully activated and blessed to channel greater peace of mind and with success.

Bracelet measurements: 6.6 (w) x 5.3 (l) cm

Approx. silver weight:  4.6 gr



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