Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions

Vikasati (Silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : विकसति blossom, shine

Power & Benefits :

Prosperity & Fulfillment of Desires


Part of the nature of Life is movement. In each of us, our inspirations, intentions, desires, longings, each demand expression and fulfillment. Our beautiful, fully activated Vikasati mala,  with holy tulsi beads combined with green aventurine, pink opal, amazonite and apatite, channels the Shakti (sacred energy) that empowers the process of transformation through all its stages, helping you to manifest the fruits of your deepest desires. Wear this beautiful and delicate mala as a tool to create a life you love, receiving the energetic support to stay true to your authentic self while becoming a better, more divine version of you in the process. On the backside of the pendant bead is the with Sanskrit engraving of the holy mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, the sacred prayer for Shiva, who is your greatest divine well-wisher.

Mala with 108 authentically blessed sacred tulsi wood beads, green aventurine, pink opal, amazonite, apatite, strung on .925 silver with petal-shaped, .925 silver, oxydized pendant.

Mala length: 101cm/ 40 “

Pendant bead length: 3.5cm/  1.4“


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