Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Vigour, Strength

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity

The true source of a tree’s strength and power are not its trunk, branches and bark. The tree’s true source of power is its sap. Like that, our ability to recognize and act upon the opportunities we are given, are said to empower our success. Without the clarity and strength to deal successfully with the obstacles, which come in our way, good fortune, luck and success quickly disappear. While these are valuable attributes, they are only secondary considerations. They, too, draw their strength from an inner source. For true success and protection from negativity, we must tap into the divine power channel, Urja, which magnetizes greater opportunities to us and enhances our ability to fulfill our deepest intentions from within. This fully activated and classically elegant Urja bracelet provides intimate access to Urja’s sacred power.
authentic sacred rudkraksha, lotus, onyx and agate, with ornate brass components


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