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Tulsi Upaya

Sanskrit Meaning : upaya – remedy

Power & Benefits :

Health & Purification

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For every problem, there is a solution, a remedy. This is a spiritual law, a divine ‘Golden Statement’. Upaya Shakti is the channel that establishes Light in the darkness and resolves all inequities. Part of the problem that exists for most of us is that we do not see the solution, not that there isn’t one for us. This cloud of confusion hinders our ability to see our way forward. And, the pressures that this confusion brings often inspires us to make decisions that no only keep us from stepping into the Light but lead us deeper into the darkness. Naturally, our health and wellbeing suffer as part of the results. Our sublime Tulsi Upaya mala helps remedy this.


When fully activated, as it is here, Tulsi radiates peace and the power of creative transformation, clarifies and strengthens intent, and perpetually revitalizes your will and your ability to succeed. Our blessed Om pendant provides access to a universal channel of wholeness. Designed in combination with these other powerful, fully activated ingredients, which each carries channels of its own, together, they create the highest opportunity in spirituality and in life: to know and live your crystalline truth, free from the pressures of confusion and fear, helping you to see the truth, the light, the peace, and love…and share it in the world.


sacred tulsi mala with 216 + 1 ornate Om pendant, carnelian, pearl, hematite, silver brass, strung on silk


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