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Tulsi Sara

Sanskrit Meaning : Essence of tulsi

Power & Benefits :

Prosperity & Fulfillment of Desire

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The secret to fulfillment of desires is the relationship we have with Tulsi Shakti, the power that attracts and establishes pure, intimate connection with whatever we desire. Tulsi Sara is the nectar of the gods, the remover of impurities and the essence of lasting fulfillment.


Our exquisite Tulsi Sara bracelet wrap radiates the power that overwhelmed Vishnu with delight, removed darkness from the world, and ushered in the Golden Age…a story, which reveals the divine path to success and prosperity step-by-step. Our fully-activated Tulsi radiates the power of transformation. Our Malachite creates a resistance-free path and inspires intimate connection with the object of your desires, a two-way attraction, free from distortion, confusion, and fear. Our Blue Sandstone removes grief and the obstacles that create it along the path to your fulfillment. Activated in combination, together they create within you a home for Abundance, the goddess Lakshmi, to rain her blessings down upon you.


wrap bracelet with 4mm tulsi, malachite, blue sandstone, gold brass, 22k gold vermeil lobster clasp

available sizes: 1 & 2


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