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Tulsi Parthiva

Sanskrit Meaning : earthly

Power & Benefits :

Prosperity & Fulfillment of Desire

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The Male-Female dynamic is one of the most fundamental natural dualities that exist in our world. Each of us carries both female and male energies within us. A great deal of our problems and suffering come directly from the misalignment and lack-of-balance of these two, internally, as well as externally — between us and the people we associate with, especially with our partners. Our fully activated Tulsi Parthiva mala redresses these imbalances.


At this time in history, the imbalance comes primarily from the male side. To heal this, a powerful realignment must occur. But, before it can be fully redressed in the world, it must first occur subtly from within each of us. Once our own natural balance is established, we become pure divine magnets, which transform those around us in beautiful, peaceful ways. Success and the fulfillment of our desires become automatic as a result. This is the power of Tulsi Parthiva.

sacred tulsi mala with 216 + 1 ornate Om pendant, green agate, clear crystal, rudraksha, gold brass, strung on silk

necklace length: 40”


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