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Tulsi Bhumi Ganesha

Sanskrit Meaning : Ganesha's blessings for our Earth

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity


Mother Divine is one. But, she sheds her grace in infinite ways, through infinite channels. Part of our spiritual journey, perhaps the most fundamental step, is for us to create a conscious connection with her — the loving, nurturing, universal power within us all — so we may share her love, her power, and her channels with the world. One of her most sought-after forms is Bhumi, Mother Earth, the embodiment of love, kindness, and abundance. Through Mata Bhumi, a cornucopia of prosperity and fulfillment channels open to us. Through her grace come the ingredients for all sacred power objects.


One of her great gifts — and one of the secrets to fulfillment of our desires — is Tulsi Shakti, a power inherent yet mostly dormant in the Tulsi plant. When fully activated, however, it provides the power that attracts and upholds a strong, pure, intimate connection with whatever we truly desire. Our Tulsi Bhumi Ganesha bracelet opens a profound channel to fulfillment, one filled with beautiful surprises! Specifically designed in combination with our blessed Ganesha pendant, which protects these channels and inspires wholeness, as well as its other powerful ingredients, each carrying fully activated divine channels of its own, together, they create great Good Luck in your endeavors while, at the same time, protecting your progress along the path of success.


sacred tulsi mala with 216 + 1 ornate Ganesh pendant, clear crystal, rudraksha, hematite, gold brass


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