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Tulsi Amruta

Sanskrit Meaning : अमृत divine nectar

Power & Benefits :

Success & Overcoming Obstacles


When the nectar of the gods was first created, Vishnu cried tears of joy. When one of those tears fell into the Amruta, a new form of Shakti (divine power) was born into the universe and, with it, came the fulfillment of all desires. Our elegant Tulsi Amruta mala is fully activated to provide access to that sacred power channel. It’s said, the great spiritual masters use it to quickly and profoundly increase their soul capacity and protect against obstacles along the path to greater wisdom. Also given to the ancient royalty, kings and queens used it to gain the wisdom to rule well, to protect their people and to enhance the longevity of their reign. Its power can enhance every aspect of your life.   

Mala is a combination of authentically blessed sacred tulsi wood beads, amethyst, carnelian, pink agate, 216 beads ( 2 x 108) strung on silk with petal-shaped, 22k gold vermeil pendant.

Mala length: 114 cm/ 45”

Pendant bead length: 2.5cm/  1.2“


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