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Tulsi Abhaya

Sanskrit Meaning : Fearless

Power & Benefits :

Overcome Fear & Worry

The greatest obstacles to our fulfillment reside within us: our own fear, confusion, doubt, worry, and anxiety. The secret to fulfillment of desires is the relationship we have with Tulsi Shakti, the power that attracts and establishes pure, intimate connection with whatever we desire. Tulsi Abhaya removes the fear standing in our way, giving us the strength to handle whatever comes in a beautiful way.


Our elegant Tulsi Abhaya wrap bracelet plants the seeds of mastery by helping you be free of fear. Fully activated, Tulsi radiates the power of creative transformation, clarifies and strengthens intent, and perpetually revitalizes your will to succeed. Our Red Sandalwood protects that channel and inspiring wholeness, while our Blue Sandstone removes grief and the obstacles that create it along the path to your fulfillment. Activated in combination, together they create the highest opportunity in spirituality and in life: to know and live your crystalline truth, free from the pressures of fear and loss.


wrap bracelet with 8mm tulsi, red sandalwood, blue sandstone, gold brass, 22k gold vermeil hook clasp


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