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Tulsi Tree Of Life – Lava

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity


Offers power and protection to your soul and your Muladhara (base) and Kama (2nd) Chakras, which clarifies your desires & deepest longings while grounding you in profound peace. It also provides a more harmonious mind-body connection, which inspires greater health, vitality, and longevity, and opens channels to great wealth and prosperity in your life. Handmade with natural Tulsi, Lava stone and Gold Pyrite, strung on silk thread, with a gold-plated brass Sacred Symbol medallion.

ABOUT TULSI — The Sacred Tree of Life.


Sacred Basil possesses some of the most potent Shakti, divine power, found in Nature. Like its counterparts — Rudraksha and Lotus seeds — Tulsi offers profound protection circles from negativity but it does so from a very unique angle. The ancient spiritual manuscripts of India say that Tulsi is the living embodiment of Mahalakshmi, the Shakti or divine power of Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance. Connected directly to Mahavishnu, the divine power of mastery over the Illusion, which wraps us in ignorance and makes us susceptible to suffering, Tulsi inspires wisdom, grace, clarity, love, and joy in our lives, as well as tremendous health and vitality.


When specifically combined with other sacred ingredients and fully activated, the power of Tulsi may be channeled to transform the strength of your heart, mind, and soul, as well as your body’s health & wellbeing. Our Tree of Life pieces offer several channels of this wonderful divine energy, which influence, inspire, protect, and uplift you and your life.


Using ancient practices passed down through the Divine Lineage of spiritual masters, each of our Tree of Life malas are authentically activated with the power signified by the medallion symbol. Each of these sacred Shaktis, these divine powers, becomes magnetized to your soul & radiates through you to the world around you as you wear it, its power held in tact & protected by the sacred energy of the mala, each consisting of sacred Tulsi, an assortment of semi-precious stones, with custom-made, silver or gold-plated brass highlights, strung on silk-cotton thread.



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