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Sanskrit Meaning : Universal self-sufficiency, state of perfect health

Power & Benefits :

Health & Purification

All physical, mental, or emotional illness are expressions of a disconnect between the body, mind & soul. Your soul is, by its nature, supremely at-ease, resolute, and self-sufficient. Its power is divine and universal. When a soul is graced to take a human form, in time, it can express itself fully, and offer its gifts with sublime confidence, to heal the world. Our beautiful Svastha bracelet, with Turquoise, Carnelian, matching Rudraksham, a 3 Mukhi Power Rudraksha, is divinely activated to enhance the power of your soul to express itself, reconnecting & healing you and, in turn, awakening your inner power to heal others.

About 3 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers freedom from past karmic mistakes and return’s the wearer purity of intent — ideal for those who suffer from unworthiness, self-doubt, inferiority complex, fear, guilt and depression. Offers a flexibility to adjust to any situation and see a way to success. Restores health.


rare and delicate 4mm sacred rudraksham, turquoise, Indian carnelian, 3 mukhi Power Rudraksha Sterling silver, signature hook clasp


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