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Sundara (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : सुन्दर beautiful, lovely

Power & Benefits :

Heal & Prevent Heartbreak

Our fully activated Sundara rose quartz bracelet with the sacred combination of authentic sacred rudraksha, pearls, rose quartz and clear crystal heals and protects your heart and fills it with divine energy.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

Sometimes, it takes a dramatic event like heartbreak to open yourself to healing and change. There is a divine mechanism that utilizes heartbreak as a catalyst for transformation. Yet, often people get stuck in heartbreak with their mind, they replay the pain until it becomes a pattern they find comfort in. The mind will not stop to obsess, squeezing out every drop of poison while filling us with the vibration of doubt, fear and anxiety. You must turn your heartbreak into a victory through nurturing the tender vibrations of your heart to full radiance again. Your heart is beautiful and light, cast out the darkness and never fear love, truth and light again.


Benefits of this sacred combination of gemstones with rudraksha

  • Vibrational ‘medicine’ tool for healing heartbreak
  • Strengthens the heart energy
  • Gives subtle feelings of peace in mind and body
  • Lifts your overall energy and increases your spiritual energy
  • Beneficial to people struggling with acceptance and whose you can’t let go of past events
  • Helps restore trust and harmony in relationships
  • Helps develop unconditional love
  • Perfect healing accessory for self-love



  • Healing Bracelet with toggle clasp
  • faceted, finest quality Rose quartz
  • authentic 9mm sacred rudraksham
  • Calming, pink freshwater pearls
  • faceted, clear crystal beads
  • 22k gold vermeil
  • strung on steel wire
  • Works on your Heart Chakra
  • Astrologically connected to the Moon
  • Handmade & blessed in Bali


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