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Stithi – The Grounding Stack

Sanskrit Meaning : Fixed position

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance

No home, no towering skyscraper, no temple stands for long without a firm foundation. Too often, without a deep soulful foundation, our life may also flounder and fall. ‘Stithi pregnatata’ means eternally established in divine truth, light, peace, and love. Upon such firm footing, strength, courage, clarity, and intent become unwavering. And, anything is possible.


Our Sthithi bracelet stack wraps you in the power of confident competence. Lotus, like Rudraksha, provides huge protection circles from negativity. Red Sandalwood channels the power of transformation while Blue Sandstone and Banded Agate remove grief. Together, activated in combination, they help establish you firmly in the undying Self. Then, truly…anything is possible.


stretchy bracelet stack w sacred 8 &10mm rudraksha beads, red sandalwood, lotus seeds, blue sandstone, banded agate, brass



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