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Sanskrit Meaning : Skanda, the Warrior God, Son of Shiva

Power & Benefits :

Success & Overcome Obstacles


This truly masculine power-choker carries the energy of Skanda, the invincible brother of Ganesh, and “unstoppable leader of the armies of the Divine”.

An elegant silver necklace for men, Skanda has two 7-mukhi power rudraksham, which attract wealth & abundance, as well as a rare, extraordinarily powerful 8-mukhi rudraksha at the center with the power to make it easier for you to handle other people’s negativity and to assure progress towards greater and greater success day-by-day — with aquamarine, which increases one’s courage, vitality, creativity, and calm.

The power of Skanda always elicits the support and protection of Ganesh, the Lord of Obstacles, who overcomes all challenges in his brother’s way…and offers the wearer his protection as well.


9mm sacred Rudraksham, blue topaz, 2 x 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha, 1 x 8 Mukhi Power Rudraksham, Sterling silver, ornate onyx studded S- clasp


About the 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha confers wealth, abundance, prosperity & success in one’s endeavors. Overcomes worries & struggles, and protects from reversals of fortune. Increases the power of one’s authority as well as the ability to help others. 8 Mukhi Power Rudraksha confers the power to overcome all obstacles, to positively channel one’s passions, to handle the discord of others, and mitigate one’s own resistance to success. Creates a smooth, uninterrupted flow of progress in one’s life. Highly recommended for who feel unlucky, anxious, or set upon by unknown forces.


About the 8 Mukhi Power Rudraksha


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