Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Crystal

Power & Benefits :

Clarity, Focus & Intention

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Out of stock

The Power behind our Intention is one of our greatest soulful assets. Yet, too often in life, it’s also one of our greatest challenges. This Power, along with Clarity and Focus, must have great strength in order for our intentions to succeed. Sitamani is the powerful Shakti (divine energy), which amplifies your willpower and clarity of mind.

Our fully activated Sitamani mala of finely matched rudraksha, pearls, hematiteprite, crystals, and lemon quartz, strung on green silk, channels this beautiful energy to and through your soul so that your truest intentions may be fully realized.


sacred rudraksha,  freshwater pearl, hematite, fine lemon quartz, clear crystal, 925 silver, silk thread


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