sitakara 14003-S

Power & Benefits:

Clarity, Focus & Intention 



sanskrit meaning : the moon, the “cool-rayed”



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Sita is the divine Shakti (sacred power channel), which embodies grace, calm and fearlessness under pressure. The charismatic daughter of Mata Bhumi, divine Mother Earth, Sita resides eternally in the heart of every woman. Hers is the power to awaken Dharma, one’s highest purpose, by nurturing, empowering and illumining one’s heart and mind with greater brilliance and clarity. Activated through an ancient Shakti (soul power) process, the divine energy flowing through our Sitakara bracelet offers greater access to the wisdom of the Self and the fulfillment of your deepest desires.
authentic sacred rudkraksha, aquamarine, seablue quartz, pearls strung on 925 silver

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Weight 120 g


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