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Sanskrit Meaning : सिद्ध Siddha — the perfected one. A person who has achieved spiritual realization and supernatural powers

Power & Benefits :

Soul Power, Spiritual Experience & Highest Fulfillment


Meditators & spiritual seekers listen up: We humbly present the ultimate power-accelerating accessory for your spiritual practice- the Siddha Rudraksha Mala. Featuring rare and powerfully activated mukhi power rudraksha beads, including one each of the Mukhi 2 through Mukhi 14 and a Gauri Shankar encapsulated in silver, as a pendant highlight.

Our Siddha Shirdi Baba mala was originally a mala designed to embrace our Shirdi Sai Baba statue that has been gracing our Ubud store since more than six years. One day, during a ritual ceremony to our Shiva Lingam and the Baba statue, a small miracle occured and tears started flowing from the eyes of the Shirdi Baba statue, touching the mala. Since then, people have been energetically drawn to this mala, and many asked to buy the mala around the statue’s neck. Yet, since it was a gift to Baba, we would and could not offer that specific mala. So, we decided to create more of that power mala and it has been a bestseller to spiritual aspirants who step foot into our sacred space in Bali.

As tribute to the 100 year anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba (he left his body in Oct of 1918), we are now making this sacred power object available online.

It’s ideally worn during meditation practice, to deepen the experience and actively engage in opening specific spiritual channels that are connected with each of the mukhis. It will help your soul energy grow so that you can become more conscious of who you are, your past and your future. It’s a short-cut to spiritual power and tool for enlightenment channels, if used and accessed properly. It also serves as a healing tool, and can be used for this purpose with a specific intention for healing and upliftment. It’s offers immense protection circles, and is a sacred combination of mukhis recommended in the ancient scriptures and worn by great masters to assist in their spiritual work. Spirituality is nothing but the conscious practice of removing karmas and illusions, increasing your soul power and elevating your consciousness to a high level of crystal clarity that allows you to see, know and experience the divine reality, to become your truest and highest version. It allows you to raise your vibration so you can withstand the negativity and overcome it with fortitude.

“See nothing evil – see the good. Hear nothing evil – hear the good. Say nothing evil – talk about the good. Think nothing evil – think about the good. Do nothing evil – do the good. This is the way to God.” Shirdi Sai Baba


Benefits of this activated and blessed sacred energy meditation tool:

  • 2 Mukhi bead aids in creating harmony in relationships and helps heal and open the heart, helps to tear down the walls we put up from a fear-based consciousness, shifting back to a more heart-centered living
  • 3 Mukhi bead confers healing, it’s connected to Agni, the God of Fire, which means he rules the process for transformation and purification of negative energy we hold in our heart, body, mind and soul
  • 4 Mukhi bead blesses the wearer with knowledge and learning, and integrates wisdom naturally
  • 5 Mukhi bead offers general well-being and peace of mind.
  • 6 Mukhi bead confers influence and attraction power
  • 7 Mukhi bead brings abundance and prosperity
  • 8 Mukhi bead helps overcome obstacles
  • 9 Mukhi bead offers protection from illusions and is means to connect with the Divine Feminine
  • 10 Mukhi bead acts as a shield from evil and curses
  • 11 Mukhi bead leads you on the path of your highest purpose and offers tremendous protection from negativity
  • 12 Mukhi bead brings leadership and natural self-confidence, a much required ingredient in attaining higher levels of divine consciousness
  • 13 Mukhi bead confers the comforts of material blessings as well as spiritual ones, it aids in healing heartbreak and inspires you to create your life as a heaven
  • 14 Mukhi bead is used for spiritual enlightenment, opening your third eye and gaining tremendous spiritual guidance and assistance
  • Pearls are connected to the moon energy, and soothe the mind, so you can experience deep peace
  • Garnet satisfies the desires we have and is said to confer success and good fortune

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  • Mala with 14 different rare and authentic Mukhi Power Rudraksha Beads
  • 33 grams of .925 silver
  • strung on silver wire
  • Fresh-water pearls
  • Garnet beads
  • Approx mala length: 68.5 cm/  27“
  • Handmade & blessed in Bali


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