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Shinta Lotus – The Calm Mind Stack

Sanskrit Meaning : Cool lotus

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance

Resting on a magnificent lotus floating on the infinite ocean of Samsara, the cosmic illusion, MahaVishnu oversees the divine play of the universe. For our benefit, he graciously came to us as Rama and Krishna to reestablish Dharma (Divine Light) and Prema (Divine Love) in the world. Manifesting in this way, he also proved that all forms are living symbols of the Divine. The lotus is the living symbol of freedom from illusion. Just as the flower remains dry and miraculously untouched by water during monsoon rains, confusion cannot stand in the presence of the lotus’ energetic radiance.


Our exquisitely matched Lotus, like our Rudraksha, also provides huge protection circles from negativity. Our gold freshwater button Pearls quiet the confusions and agitations of the mind and warm the heart. Together, they are activated to offer a nurturing and protected, two-way, free flow of love.


(Shown) 2 stretch bracelets w lotus seeds, gold freshwater button pearls, silver brass


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