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Sanskrit Meaning : spiritual/soul power, divine feminine

Power & Benefits :

Health, Healing & Purification


Our Shakti mala is embodies the power and grace of the Divine Feminine, both healing and deeply nurturing with a  powerful combination of peace-inducing pearls, empowering rudraksha and two special mukhi rudraksha power beads, a 2 mukhi and a 3 mukhi rudraksha framed by healing gem stones and an ornate 22k gold vermeil guru pendant bead, blessed and activated for your deepest soul fulfillment.

108 beads +1 guru bead

About 2 Mukhi Power Rudraksha:

Balances the male/female dynamic — the protective and receptive energies — between the couple and within each individual, nurtures mutual support and positive alignment of desires, increases the power of forgiveness and enhances one’s ability to give more fully and openly.

Highly recommended for those seeking greater intimacy, love and healing or preventing a broken heart.

About 3 Mukhi Power Rudraksha:

Confers freedom from past karmas, increases the purity of one’s intentions and strengthens willpower. Restores health, flexibility of spirit and divine confidence. Opens the heart and mind to greater wisdom, reveals one’s purpose in life more clearly and transforms all endeavors.

Highly recommended for those who feel blocked by unworthiness, self-doubt, anxiety, fear and guilt.


This mala is a sacred combination of Amethyst, Pearl, Lemon Quartz, 2 mukhi, 3 mukhi, authentic rudraksha, ornate 22k gold vermeil pendant bead, thread


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robin Tomlinson

    This is truly a beautiful piece. The packaging far exceeded all expectations and the quality of the mala is exquisite. I truly feel blessed to have been led to it and to have received it as a loving gift.

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