Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : awareness, skillful attentiveness

Power & Benefits :

Clarity, Focus & Intention


The goddess Sati is legendary for her devotion to her divine husband, Shiva, the Great Lord of Compassion. This mala of sacred rudraksham, green adventurine, apricot pearls & deep, rich, amethyst —  finished with a large, ornate silver guru bead — carries the sublime energy of Sati, the living embodiment of one who gives her all for her mate. Her devotion was not demure or silently passive. She made such an impassioned stand for Truth, Light, Peace, and Love that all the gods begged her forgiveness. Thus, she not only exemplifies devotion, but attracts & inspires devotion in others.


authentic 8mm sacred Rudraksham,amethyst, pearl, garnet, green aventurine, Sterling silver


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