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Sanskrit Meaning : knowledge, Intellect

Power & Benefits :

Yoga, Meditation & Self-knowledge

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To gain greater knowledge, including greater knowledge of the Self, one must be open, receptive and able to focus, despite distractions. Samvitti, a divine power channel or Shakti, removes the obstacles along the path to profound intimate knowledge of your soul. As it does, it increases your soul’s capacity, which also inspires the soul to more fully express itself in all areas of your daily life. Wisdom is a natural by-product of access to Divine Truth. Sacred Power is another natural by-product. Together, they offer access to the self-illuminating power of Divine Grace. Our exquisite, fully activated Samvitti bracelet more readily opens this energetic channel during your sacred march inward, while it empowers and protects your outward march through life.
authentic, extremely powerful 4mm rudraksha, seraphinite, pearls on 24k gold vermeil


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