Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Act of perceiving, Feeling

Power & Benefits :

Improved Communication & Creativity

When your heart and mind are established in a state of balance and harmony, communication becomes clearer and more powerful, others are easily more receptive and supportive and you find greater insights into the deeper truths of your Self and Life, which dawn more naturally, like a self-illuminating sun. The channel or stream of Shakti, sacred power, known as Samvedana, is an expression of infinite Creative Intelligence, which awakens the true status and power of your heart, mind and soul more fully in your life. All of our deepest intentions are seeds of Samvedana. Our elegant, fully activated Samvedana bracelet acts as a divine catalyst, which fertilizes the field of your inner awareness and inspires your intentions to grow to fruition.


authentic sacred rudraksha, turquoise and pearls strung on 24k gold vermeil


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