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Sanskrit Meaning : The Spiritual Practitioner

Power & Benefits :

Meditation, Yoga & Self-Knowledge

A Sadhaka is a spiritual practitioner experiencing the journey of life as a daily revelation of his or her relationship with the Divine. Through the immersion in bhakti (devotion) and the intention of growing one’s shakti (soul power), the realization of one’s innate divinity and highest purpose is simply a matter of applied daily spiritual practice.

Our Sadhaka mala is your spiritual companion on this journey, activated & empowered to offer greater access to self-knowledge and wisdom, while capturing the power of your meditation in these sacred little seeds.

108 authentic, energetically-matched & activated 6.5mm rudraksha beads + 22k gold vermeil guru bead, strung on red thread

Mala length: approx 32”/82cm, guru bead 0.3”/0.8 cm, tassel length: 2”/5cm


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