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Rama (silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : the God-King and incarnation of Vishnu

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance


Rama was the greatest king that ever lived, he never faltered in his duties, and is considered the embodiment of always living up to his highest purpose. He is also honored for his love and devotion to his wife Sita. His life and stories serve as guidelines for a life lived with excellence and enlightenment through sacred service and duty. Our Rama mala embodies this energy of integrity and has been activated and blessed with the intention to guide you daily on your highest path, warding of negative illusions that may obstruct your highest path.


Benefits of this sacred combination of gemstones with rudraksha

  • Protection circles from negativity
  • Wards of evil intention by others
  • Brings focus of mind
  • Confers deep sense of peace
  • Beneficial to people struggling with the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and being present
  • Increases vigor, determination and vitality
  • Turns attention organically to rightful action
  • strengthens your solar plexus chakra



  • Mala with 108 beads + guru pendant bead
  • authentic 8mm sacred rudraksham
  • tiger eye stone
  • onyx
  • oxydized, .925 silver
  • strung on black thread with tassel
  • Astrologically connected to Sun and Mars
  • mala length: 117 cm/ 46“
  • tassel length: 5cm/ 2 “
  • Handmade & blessed in Bali


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