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Sanskrit Meaning : Perfect love of Krishna and his wife Radha

Power & Benefits :

Influence, Charisma & Magnetism


To adore…and be adored…is a lover’s paradise. Lord Krishna and his consort, Radha, are the divine embodiments of Love’s mystical union.

He, a king and a radiant spiritual master, she, a simple cowherd of dazzling beauty, are invoked by millions of devotees intent on knowing, living, and sharing the depths of their soul’s longings. This mala of turquoise, coral, amethyst, rose quartz & garnet stones, with white pearls & sacred rudraksham, finished with a 22-carat gold vermeil guru bead, wraps the wearer in the divine power of love and adoration.


authentic 6.5mm sacred rudraksham, amethyst, turquoise, red coral, rosequartz, pearl, 22k gold vermeil


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