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Radha (Silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : राधा Beloved of Krishna

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance


I am the embodiment of Divine Love. I radiate the power, which eliminates all fear, want and confusion. I am both Krishna’s flute and the lover he eternally embraces, dancing within your heart to the music of the heavens. Through me, all desires reach their highest fulfillment.

Our elegant, handmade ‘Radha’ drop earrings of .925 Silver with French wire hook, pink agate, carnelian and sacred Rudraksha bead are fully activated to bring greater peace of mind and powerfully protect your heart as you open more and more to your own truth, light, peace and love.

Earring length:  6 cm / 2.3”

Approx. silver weight:  3.2 gr


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