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Racana (Gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : रचना Creation

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance


I am the spark igniting the breath to bestow infinite creativity, wisdom and joy. The inspiration within every inspiration, I point you in the direction of your heart’s desires. My soft embrace lifts your soul to embrace the world in turn, nurturing all that your life is…and all it can be.  With me, life is a glorious adventure. Through me, you gain the power to create worlds of your own.

Our beautifully handcrafted ‘Racana’ drop earrings in.925 silver with French wire hook, highlighted by stunning, fully activated Pink Agate and matched sacred Rudraksha beads channel the power of creativity to and through you inspiring greater peace of mind, confidence and balance.

Earring length:  6 cm / 2.3”

Approx. silver weight:  3.5 gr


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