Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : beautiful, like a flower

Power & Benefits :

Influence, Charisma & Attraction


Flowers are certainly enjoyed for their color & beauty but it is their “essence” — their fragrance — that is most prized. It is said that the offering that most attracts & pleases the gods is the scent of flowers. Essential oils are called “the food of the gods” and are part of every ritual to attract nature’s largesse. By wearing Pushpi — this beautiful combination of rich amethyst, red coral, turquoise, rose quartz, sand stone, 22k gold vermeil beads & sacred rudraksham with a turquoise pedant bead — one’s charisma & personal magnetism blossom into fullness. At the same time, all one’s social skills naturally improve.


authentic 6.5mm sacred Rudraksham, amethyst, turquoise, red coral, rose quartz, sand stone, garnet, 22k gold vermeil


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