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Parinati II – The Other Abundance Stack

Sanskrit Meaning : Fulfillment of a promise

Power & Benefits :

Prosperity & Fulfillment of Desire

Parinati is the cosmic energy that brings fulfillment of a promise, the secret organizing mechanism behind surprising positive change, that which we call “Good Luck”. It is the scent of Abundance, eliciting joy and elation. It washes away the sadness of unrealized dreams and aspirations and, in an instant, transforms them into redemption and success. Parinati gathers the powers of Abundance, brings them to your doorstep. And, then, she knocks. You have only to open your heart and welcome them in.


Our Parinati bracelet stack opens the channels of Abundance. When intimately connected to Parinati Shakti, you have only to direct your sankalpam, your will, towards the object of your intentions and the roadmap to success will be open to you. The power of Parinati strengthens your motivations and organizes the success of your endeavors in surprising ways. Here fully-activated, the beautifully matched Rudraksha provide huge protection circles from negativity. Red Sandalwood channels the power of transformation, while Malachite creates more resistance-free movement. And, like clouds passing before the sun, fear and confusion naturally fall away.


Sacred numerology also comes into play in an even more specific way: each of the 3 bracelets carries the healing energy of one of each of the Vedic triumvirate — Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara/Shiva — and their shaktis, Saraswati (knowledge and creativity), Lakshmi (wealth and abundance), and Parvati (power and wisdom).


stretchy bracelet stack w sacred 8mm rudraksha beads, red sandalwood, malachite, gold brass


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