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Sanskrit Meaning : Leader, Guide

Power & Benefits :

Influence , Charisma & Magnetism


Nayaka is the cornerstone, the one who can be relied on for support and as well as to lead. It is an ever-present inspiration, skillful in thought, word, and deed, and capable of handling adversity as well as great success. We’ve activated this brilliant combination of rudraksha, tiger eye, onyx, and hematite, matching it with a 6-Mukhi Power Rudraksha guru bead pendant and hanging beaded tassel, to radiate and amplify the charismatic power & magentism of Nayaka within you.


authentic 6mm sacred rudraksham, tiger eye, crystal, onyx, hematite, 6 Mukhi power rudraksha


About the 6 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers the power of attraction and a commanding presence to the wearer, as well as insight into how to use that attraction energy to influence people. Helps control jealousy, anger, as well as stage fright, increases confidence & the ability to project a sense of “cool” poise. Recommended often also for men as it is said to balance the male energy & increase the production of sperm.


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