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Nandi (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : नन्दि joy

Power & Benefits :

Heal & Prevent Heartbreak


Each of the gods and goddesses — the spiritual power channels of the Divine — is known to have a “mount” upon which each is carried, meaning through which the power of each is divinely expressed and shared. Vishnu, for example, has Garuda, the Eagle-king of all birds; Saraswati has the swan,who embodies Divine Discrimination; and, Shiva has Nandi, the Bull-king of all cows, whose prowess is his nurturing strength and power to protect all. Nandi is Divine Joy. Our 3- piece, 22k gold vermeil “Nandi” ring stack with amethyst setting has been activated and blessed with the intention to provides you with access to Shiva’s power channel, helping to heal yourself and strengthening your heart energy for a harmonious connection of mind-body-heart-soul.

3 piece, 22k gold vermeil ring stack with amethyst

Silver weight: 12.5 grams


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