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Mali (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : मलि possession, having, holding

Power & Benefits :

Good Luck & Protection from Negativity


Good luck, it’s said, is a sublime, two-handed gift, which empowers the grace of fulfillment while it also provides protection against negativity. Our exquisite, fully activated Mali necklace with sacred tulsi, pyrite and lava stone, channels the magnetic power inherent in creating Success and radiates divine “protection circles” that help us overcome our greatest obstacles and challenges, especially our own doubts, fears and confusion. This elegant mala features a petal shaped, ornate pendant, engraved with the holy mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ in sanskrit on the back side. When you call Shiva’s name, you call his angels to look over you.

Mala with 108 beads of authentically blessed sacred tulsi wood beads, pyrite and lava stone, strung on 22k gold vermeil with petal-shaped, 22k gold vermeil pendant.

Mala length: 101cm/ 40 “

Pendant bead length: 3.5cm/  1.4“



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