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Makaranda II

Sanskrit Meaning : मकरन्द flower juice, honey of flowers

Power & Benefits :

Overcome Fear & Worry

In spirituality, we recognize a truth about happiness: Material happiness starts as a sweetness, and often turns later into a suffering. It’s the fleeting experience of happiness, adding on through external gratification or enjoyment. It doesn’t last. As Buddha already noted, “It is not wrong to seek for happiness, but it is wrong to seek for happiness outside of you when it is inside.” So if you seek lasting happiness, it must grow inside of you and to stay with you. And this process requires purification of all that dampens or darkens the light and love inside of you.  Which truthfully translates as: we first need to go through suffering to reach a state of ‘satchinanda’. As we release our desires and attachments, we are often confronted with personal pain and heartbreak. Old emotions surface, current problems heighten, intensity and pressure to change prevail. As we commit to Sat – truth, Chit – consciousness, Ananda – Bliss, teh nature tests us on this inner revolution towards happiness. Are we ready to be light in the world, standing for truth, love and peace? We designed the Makaranda rings to bless you with the success for attaining eternal happiness.

Our .925 Makaranda ring is set with a blue crystal and has been activated and blessed so you may win your happiness, share your laughter and rise successfully in the world

Silver weight: 9 grams


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