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Love & Gratitude

Power & Benefits :

Success & Overcome Obstacles

The hidden power of Gratitude is the lasting soul memory of love that keeps giving back. One crumbles in the vulnerable face of gratitude, it breaks the walls of hurt and resentment, it mends differences and heals with tears and laughter. There is no gratitude without genuine love. There is no love without the expression of gratitude. Together, anything is possible. Offer your gratitude to someone who is not expecting it today without a thought to yourself. Express it someone you find hard to appreciate and love. This action transforms all separation and opens the heart. Make the sincere offering of Love & Gratitude your practice, and watch your life blossom in the most beautiful way.

Authentically activated 6mm sacred tulsi, sacred red sandalwood, faceted hematite, .925 silver, strung on elastic.

The words “Love” and “Gratitude” are embossed on either side of the silver bead.



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