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Meditation, Yoga & Self-Knowledge


 Lotus Dhyana

sanskrit meaning: Lotus Meditation



The Lotus is the living symbol of freedom from illusion. Yet, its power is not merely symbolic. Just as the flower remains miraculously dry and untouched by the monsoon rains, confusion cannot stand in the presence of the Lotus’ energetic radiance. When worn regularly or used during daily meditation, its shakti/divine power protects and nurtures the divine radiance of your soul and the fullest expression of your personal power in the world.

A sublime counterpart to holy Rudraksha, this fully-activated Lotus Dhyana mala is one of the most sacred accessories for your meditations and for every aspect of your life.

108 Sacred Lotus seeds plus ornate guru bead on gold cotton-silk with silk tassel.

Necklace length (stretched diameter): 1 meter

Pendant bead & tassel length: 5cm


108 sacred lotus seeds, + 1 guru bead 22 karat gold vermeil, silk thread

Mala length:98cm, guru bead 1cm, tassel length: 5cm


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