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Lotus Dhyana (108 – Ash)

Sanskrit Meaning : ध्यान - attention, focus

Power & Benefits :

Meditation, Yoga & Self-Knowledge

Just as the flower remains dry and miraculously untouched by water during monsoon rains, confusion cannot stand in the presence of the Lotus’ energetic radiance. It is the living symbol of freedom from illusion. Yet, the Lotus’ power isn’t merely symbolic.

The Lotus literally radiates peace and calm. At the same time, when fully activated, as they are here, Lotus seeds are powerful magnets, which attract the Divine Light. In turn, they protect from the encroachment of negativity. The great saints, who meditate in deep silence, recognize the Lotus’ universal ability to protect and uplift the power of their meditations, knowing the Lotus to be living expression of MahaVishnu, who gracefully and masterfully handles the illusions of the world with brilliant ease. The Lotus seed is the counterpart to holy Rudraksha — also favored for use in meditation, its power to protect from negativity a living expression of Shiva, the destroyer of Ignorance.

Sacred, authentically activated lotus seed mala with 72 beads + 1 ornate 22 karat gold vermeil guru bead, strung on ecru silk

pendant bead & tassel length: 2.5”

Mala length: approx 45”/112cm, guru bead 0.4”/1 cm, tassel length: 2”/5cm


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