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Liberated – Sanskrit Necklace (Silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : Liberated

Power & Benefits :

Finding your Purpose & Inspiration


Those who are liberated are intent on unchaining the infinite power of the heart and soul. They live passionately yet peacefully, released from the grip of confusion, intent on sharing the healing powers of their compassion and wisdom with others. These are the attributes of a liberated soul.

Each necklace is a beautiful and powerful spiritual tool, a sacred yantra, which magnetizes the energy activated within it directly to your soul, empowering your life and your connection to the Divine. Made of precious metals, which are profound transmitters, these yantram also protect you from any negativity, which might block the free expression of your personal power.

Say it in the language of the Gods. Say it in Sanskrit.

This 16″ inch delicate Sterling silver necklace graces the sanskrit words “Liberated”.

925 silver pendant on silver chain with small lobster claw clasp closure.


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