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Sanskrit Meaning : The God of Love

Power & Benefits :

Healing & Preventing Heartbreak

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Love, desire, and attachment are often intimately connected. Yet, to ensure true soul-to-soul connections, Love must be the dominant force. Our elegant Kamadeva bracelet with rare, special 2 Mukhi Power Rudraksha, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, and matching Rudraksham is activated to heal heartbreak and empower the sovereignty of Love and the clarity of one’s heart and mind.

About 2 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Balances the male & female energy — the protective & receptive energies — in the individual and as a couple. Thus it improves relationships, specifically in terms of mutual support, nurturing and positive alignment of desires. Overcomes the obstacles hindering the power of “giving”, including the power of forgiveness.


6mm sacred rudraksham, rose quartz, labradorite, 2 mukhi Power Rudraksha, 22 karat gold vermeil, signature hook clasp


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