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Jayanti (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : जयन्ती victorious

Power & Benefits :

Success & Overcome obstacles


Too often, despite our best efforts, victory eludes us, thwarted by negative sources, some of which may be unknown and unseen. Our powerful Jayanti mala, a sacred combination of finest smokey quartz, matching 5 & 8 mm Rudraksham, pearls, black spinel, and crystals, strung on Sterling silver wire gold-plated in 22k gold, is powerfully activated to overcome obstacles and enhance success in all endeavors. To this special combination, we add a very rare 10 Mukhi Power Rudraksha, its energy fully awakened to protect against the most powerful negativity, including, ill will, black magic, and persistent bad luck. You will feel your protection circles increase, especially if you also activate the mala with the intention ritual process we suggest to do (information for this process is available with with purchase of the mala). If you are going through a time of adversity, and/or are subject to a lot of negativity due to your profession (i.e. healer, yoga teacher, politician, teacher, nurse, celebrity), having a sacred object like our Jayanti mala as a constant companion is an invaluable tool to handle and protect from negative energy and open the doors to success.

About 10 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers a divine shield from negativity, which cuts through the illusions and reveals the truth at the heart of any situation. Inspires greater faith and trust in the Divine, protects from the behind-the-scenes manipulations of others due to selfishness and greed, and is said to protect from the influence of black magic and evil spirits.

Mala with 54 beads of sacred 5 & 8 mm rudraksha beads, finest smoky quartz, pearls, black spinel, crystal, 10 mukhi power rudraksha as guru (pendant) bead, strung on 22k gold vermeil wire

Mala length: 72 cm/ 28″


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