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Jalasa (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : जलाष healing

Power & Benefits :

Heal & Prevent Heartbreak

Heartbreak can steal years from life if not addressed and healed. It keeps us stuck, unable to move forward as we keep our attachments to past pain alive. To create an authentic life of deep peace, happiness and abundant blessings, you must wash your heartbreak. In the ancient Indian spiritual tradition, your personal pain can be offered to the Divine with the intention that – any suffering and heartbreak- any disturbances in your soul are washed off and pain released. This can be done in form of an intentional, daily meditation process in combination with sacred power objects like our activated Jalasa bracelet designed to realign your heart vibrations and raise your shakti (soul power) to heal your heart.

Our fully activated Jalasa bracelet is a powerful, sacred combination of authentic rudraksha, rose quartz and a rare 2 mukhi healing power bead and offers the spiritual opportunity to turn your personal pain into your greatest victory.

About 2 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Balances the male/female dynamic — the protective and receptive energies — between the couple and within each individual, nurtures mutual support and positive alignment of desires, increases the power of forgiveness and enhances one’s ability to give more fully and openly.

bracelet with sacred 5mm rudraksha beads, rose quartz, clear crystal, 22k gold vermeil heart pendant, lobster claw clasp & 2 Mukhi Power Rudraksha


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