Bless Your Life. Manifest Your Intentions


Sanskrit Meaning : Splendor

Power & Benefits :

Love, Intimacy & Support


Nothing escapes me though, to some, I seem elusive — a quiet, unfulfilled promise to your deepest longings. But, I am always with you, ever ready to return your embrace. With me, your eyes…and your heart…open to all the joy and divine grace that Life has to offer, if only you will accept it. That is the power I offer and share. Acceptance, suffused with Divine Love. Embrace my power and you make it your own. Share it and it will grow as a tidal wave of Love washing over, cleansing and nurturing you and all who stand before you. I am the essence of intimacy and heart-filled support.

Handcrafted in .925 silver with 22K gold vermeil, our Indira earrings include exquisite and rare, finely matched, sacred Rudraksha beads combined with pink agate, carnelian and ruby-colored zirconia, fully activated to channel greater and greater splendor into your life, especially your personal relationships.

Earring pendant 6cm, earring hook 2cm, weight 14.6 gr


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