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Ila (Gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : इला flow

Power & Benefits :

Peace of Mind & Balance


There is no growth, or the success, confidence, competence and peace it can bring, without my grace empowering it. With me, you stride towards greater and greater success, not wander aimlessly or furtively in the vast wilderness for I am the grace that walks among you, which makes Life and the world around and inside you an ever more wondrous journey. Hand in hand, we easily navigate the waters of your fulfillment.

Handmade in .925 silver and gold-plated with 22k gold vermeil, our ‘Ila’ hoop earrings, each with a captured sacred Rudraksha bead and decorative silver Jawan studs with silver wire closure, are fully activated and blessed to increase the flow of peace and success in you and in your life.

Earring length: 4 cm/1.6”
Approx. silver weight: 6.5 gr


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