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Heavenly Cross

Sanskrit Meaning : Universal Power

Power & Benefits :

Success, Overcome Obstacles


I am the universal power seated at the crossroads of Life, which sanctions the wisdom that offers you the opportunities and strength to reach the greatest heights in your Material endeavors, to explore the inner depths of your heart, mind and soul, and to extend your reach wide enough to embrace the entire world-universe in which you live. Since the ancient rishis first began whispering sacred wisdom to the world, the vertical pillar connected with a horizontal crossbar at the pillar’s “heart chakra” has been the sacred symbol or “yantra” of universal power. Sacred yantras are not merely visual representations, which ‘imply’ spiritual power. They are lockets, which actually hold that power once they are fully activated.

Each of our Heavenly Cross earrings is a sacred yantra, spiritually activated to resonate with and attract greater success and to give you access to and instill in you the power to overcome the obstacles that come in your way. Handcrafted in Bali in silver brass.

Earring pendant 4cm, earring hook 1.5cm, weight 12.6 gr


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