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Hanuman (gold)

Sanskrit Meaning : The Great Monkey God

Power & Benefits :

Soul Power & Spiritual Experience


Hanuman, the Herculean “monkey-god”, an incarnation of Shiva, known for his undying devotion, his swiftness of thought and action, and his power to protect from and overcome all harm, this best-selling rudraksha mala is a must for those intent on manifesting truly deep, intimate relationships from a position of power. Strung on silver with lotus seeds (neutralize negativity), lava stones (grounding you), and tiger eye (enhance clarity of forethought), and finished with a very powerful and rare 11-mukhi guru bead (soul power & great protection from negativity), our Hanuman mala bridges the gap between inspiration and commitment and gives heightened insight and spiritual blessings to seeing your highest path more clearly and the courage and tenacity to win it.

For meditators, this mala will enhance your spiritual experience and help awaken dormant channels.


authentic 8mm sacred rudraksham, lotus seeds, tiger’s eye, lava stone, clear crystal, 22k gold vermeil, rare 11 mukhi power bead


About the rare 11 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers the wisdom to know one’s highest and best path. Gives ease to perform spontaneous right action. It’s power is to protect from great negativity and overcomes the negative influences that divert us from genuinely living our highest good. Endows the wearer with inner strength and the capacity to face and conquer whatever challenges come. It is also said to protect from accidental death and to be of special benefit to women: through her, her husband is blessed with a long, healthy life, and it helps her to bear healthy progeny.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stefanie (verified owner)

    What a gorgeous piece! I received my Hanuman necklace yesterday and automatically felt a connection. I cannot wait to perform the activation ritual tonight and meditate with it. The customer service was also phenomenal. I am very pleased with this piece and company and will most definitely be purchasing more soul jewelery from Shivaloka again. Many thanks! Love and Light.

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