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Ganga (Silver)

Sanskrit Meaning : गङ्गा Shiva’s wife, Divine Mother

Power & Benefits :

Overcome Fear & Worry


Under the light of the crescent moon, the gentle, soothing touch of Ganga, the Divine Mother in the form of the river Ganges, flowing through his long hair, Shiva sits deep in meditation. Ganga protects the heart and frees the mind to be infinitely creative. She inspires and amplifies our zest for Life, while blessing us with extraordinary peace of mind. One of our classic, bestselling rudraksha malas, Ganga is a sacred combination of authentically activated 5 mm rudraksha with green aventurine, freshwater pearls and rose quartz, to help you overcome the mental and emotional blocks that create fear in your heart and allow you to flow through life. Trusting deeply that whatever happens, happens on behalf of you, not against you, you embrace life fully and dance every day with the spirit of gratitude, sharing your blessings with the world around you.

Mala with 108 beads including authentic 5mm sacred rudraksham, green aventurine, freshwater pearl, rose quartz, .925 silver caps and ornate guru bead, strung on silk with tassel

mala length: 80cm/ 31.5 “

Tassel length: 5cm/ 2 “


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